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måndag den 24 september 2018


We have room for you!

Are you self-employed? Would you like to rent eight square metres of office space in a prime location in Vetlanda? Does your growing business need 4,000 square metres of production space? Our premises cover 22,500 square metres, which means that we can meet virtually any space requirements you may have.

We rent out space for production, warehouse, office or outdoor installation. We can also rent out space for car parking. Our property is conveniently located on Industrivägen in Vetlanda, close to both the city center, Railway Station, Highway 31 and 47.

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Sweden: POLIMA AB, Industrigatan 23, Box 8, SE-574 21 Vetlanda  |  VX: +46 (0)383-595 00  |  Fax: +46 (0)383-595 99  |  Officetime: 8.00-12.00, 12.45-16.30

Polen: POLIMA Sp. z o.o, PL 82 500 KWIDZYN, GURCZ 35, Polen  |  Tel +48-552-75 77 31  |  Fax +48-552-75 77 38 |  Officetime: 07.00-15.00

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