Core plugs with a perfect fit

We manufacture and sell moulded core plugs made from wood shavings. Our customers range from major international corporations to small, local businesses. With warehouses in both Sweden and Poland, we can provide fast and flexible delivery on both local and international markets.

Tailored to your needs ...

One pallet or a thousand? It makes no difference to us! Each and every customer is equally important in our eyes. And no order is too small – or too large.
  • We are flexible, and it is your requests and requirements that steer our business.
  • We have centre plugs in over 100 fixed dimensions, but if you don’t find one to match your needs, we would be happy to produce a customized plug for you, precisely tailored to your needs.

...and in harmony with nature!

At Polima, quality and the environment go hand in hand, and we do not compromise on either of them. We insist on the utmost accuracy and care in every stage of our production, and we weigh each plug individually during production to ensure that all plugs maintain a consistent and high level of quality. Our high quality standards ensure that our core plugs are both extremely durable and maintain uniform dimensions.

Use our experience!

Minimizing our environmental impact is important to us. The raw material used in our centre plugs – wood shavings from sawmills and the furniture industry – is all natural.
  • The adhesive we use is not harmful to humans or animals, and we work actively to minimize waste and spillage.
  • All of our operations have been environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001.
  • We have been producing centre plugs for 50 years and are one of the world’s most experienced manufacturers.