Pallet blocks, nails, nail guns and accessories – we have everything you need to produce and repair loading pallets.

We supply everything from individual pallets with blocks to entire truckloads of pallets, and deliver to everyone from small-scale repair companies to major packing plants. Our flexibility is our strength and we can deliver according to your exact specifications. Polima is your full-service supplier for pallet components!

Pallets are a key product for all manufacturing companies these days

Distribution and warehousing would quite simply come to a standstill without them. That is why it is so important that your pallets are made of components of the absolute highest quality. The main pillars of our company are:
The highest quality

We make no compromises when it comes to quality, and our pallet components always maintain the highest of standards

Standards implemented

Every stage in our production is executed with the utmost accuracy and care and we leave nothing to chance.

Environmental protection

For us, it is only natural to do our part for the environment, and our business has been environmentally and quality certified for many years.

Delivery speed

With warehouses in both Sweden and Poland, we can provide fast and flexible delivery on both local and international markets.

Pallet blocks

We have pallet blocks in several different designs. In addition to the usual rectangular design, we also produce round and half-round blocks commonly used in disposable pallets. All of our blocks are available in a range of sizes to meet any need.

Our pallet blocks are produced using wood shavings from sawmills and the furniture industry in our own factory in Kwidzyn, Poland.

Moulded wood chip blocks have a number of advantages over sawn wooden blocks.

  • Uniform dimensions
    Each block is individually weighed and moulded, which ensures a high level of dimension uniformity.
  • No cracking
    Moulded blocks minimize the risk of cracked blocks during pallet production.
  • Saves materials
    The ability to mould round and half-round blocks saves materials.
  • No spillage and reduced handling
    You won’t have to deal with cutting or handling wood blocks, and spillage is eliminated completely.
  • Smooth surface
    Our blocks have completely smooth surfaces, which is optimal for stamping or branding.


It is essential that each detail of a pallet maintains a high level of quality. With this in mind, we also supply nails of the highest quality in all dimensions from leading European manufacturers.
  • Our nails are sold both pre-packaged and in bulk by weight.
  • Our nails fit most common nail gun brands.

Nail guns

As important as it is that the components you use maintain a high standard of quality, it is just as important that you use high-quality tools.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service supplier to pallet manufacturers and repair companies, and as such, we are proud to sell, service and supply spare parts and accessories for your nail guns. We will find a customized package solution just for you!

We also sell tack and staple guns.


  • Tiger saw blades
  • Balancer
  • Plastic straps
  • Pre-cut pallet timber